Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The Progress Reel

Ok. So here it is, the almighty PR or Progress Reel. This is a compilation of all the work I've done so far in two terms at Animation Mentor. This is gonna be a short post as I gotta go pick up my kid from soccer practice here in a few minutes.

I will say that without a doubt the last 3 weeks of the last term, things started clicking for me. I started seeing things a bit differently, started understanding some of the more advanced concepts and saw a huge step forward in my work. So it really felt like my first reel step to becoming an industry level animator.

We have to put our latest work first, so you'll notice that my best stuff, is my first stuff. :P

that's all for now.

til next time, lead an animated life!!!

1 comment:

Mike York said...

Hey OZmiester,

Great Progress reel for Class 1 it was a awesome experience to be in the same class and along the journey of learning animation. Keep up the pouncin and Ill see ya around the AM campus :-)