Reel and past projects

Current Reel
Reel as of 4/2012

Work from Deadliest Warrior: Legends

Responsible for all work in this video except the Vlad the Impaler introduction.

Kung Fuul
This is my Animation Mentor short film project, it is still a WIP.  
"This is the most ambitious project I've seen at AM" - Greg Whittaker - mentor Class 6
Due to my ambition, I'm still working on it.  :D

This has music through the entire piece.
Music ©Yoshida Brothers - used without permission (please don't be angry with me). 

Creamer Commandos
Short film project done in 2000 with Josh Riley in the Hash Animation Master software package.
It ranked #11 on Atom Films for 3 weeks but sadly never hit the top 10.