Objective:  To further my career as a character animator with a team of creative geniuses who can help me develop my skills, push my boundaries; utilize my personality and natural leadership skills to advance the team in creating award winning work and to bring thoughtful life and action to characters in a wide variety of environments.

 Current Experience
·         Animator II – Animation Lead – Pipeworks Software
·         Tools Support Specialist and Maya Generalist –
·         Alumni Tutor and Tools Support Specialist – Animation Mentor

Character Animator – Animator II

Focused, goal oriented character animator with a solid foundational knowledge of the gaming pipeline. Experience with all stages of the animation process from asset list creation to review and polish. Creation of cycle animation, action sequences, primary, secondary and background character work. Adapt at learning new software and pipeline tools.

Tools Support Specialist

Tools and rig testing for and supporting the student body at Animation Mentor with back end technical support and class education.  In depth understanding of the entire creative process.  Tenacious in driving personal artistic development and software knowledge.

Additional Experience

Previous Productions and Experience
·         Deadliest Warrior Legends - cinematic animations, intros, victories, final strikes.  Bug fixes.  Keyframe and mocap clean up.
·         uDraw Instant Artist - Lead Artist – determine art style and overall look, review, deliver feedback and approve work of other art team members and all outsourced assets.  Bug fixes and art clean up.
·         Gremlins Gizmo – Keyframe animation and bug fixes.
·         Wheel of Fortune/Jeopardy 2 – animation lead, set benchmark animation for outsourcing team to follow, create all initial placeholder files and assets, review, deliver feedback and approve animation from outsourcing team to animation director.
·         Wreck It Ralph – animation lead, created pre-viz and benchmark animations, create all initial placeholder files and assets.
·         Custom Dev Tools – create new animation library to work hand in hand with new animation tools as well as allow designers to plug-in ‘ready to go’ assets for testing and design layout.
·         Contract Character Animator – online educational project – Mundo Pato
·         Senior Artisan NASA Deep Impact Project – Pixel Corps
·         Creamer Commandos – short film production – achieved top 20 ranking on Atom Films 1st quarter 2000.
·         Low Poly Modeler – worked on a number of published Dreamcast releases.
·         Character and Environment Animator – HASH Inc.

Professional and Personal Accomplishments and Awards


·         Diploma for Advanced Studies in Character Animation – Animation Mentor
·         Peer Award Winner – Biggest Personality in Live Q&A – Animation Mentor
·         ViceChair  - elected board position - Cascade ACM SIGGRAPH
·         Advisory board member for Vancouver and Evergreen School Districts – Animation and Arts.
·         Multiple Award winning miniature painter.
·         Lead Q&A Playtester for Privateer Press and SodaPop Miniatures.
·         Awarded ‘Top of Class’ for near perfect testing and #1 student ranking for Zones Sales Training.
·         Recognized by various vendors for top sales performance, HP, Brother, Watchguard, Lenovo, Cisco Small Business and Crucial.
·         Developed and executed top tier online and print marketing plan for multi-million dollar businesses.
·         #1 Ranked Sales Team, Game Crazy, HomeSights.
·         Top Manager NW District, Game Crazy.
·         Top Performing Store NW District and NW Regional award winner, Game Crazy.
·         Met or exceeded all quotas and sales goals set by corporate standards, Game Crazy.
·         Led team based sales training which was later adopted district wide, Game Crazy.
·         Father of three daughters.
·         Soccer Coach U-13 Girls Salmon Creek/Eisenhower Soccer Clubs.
·         Salmon Creek Elementary Parent Volunteer.
·         Co-Defensive Captain Columbia Cougars Football Team NWFL.

Additional Skills

  • Strategic Thinker
  • Strong Leadership Skills
  • Team Development
  • Core Team Values
  • Corporate Contract Negotiation
  • Client Acquisition
  • Self-Driven
  • Portfolio Optimization
  • Organizational Expertise
  • Crisis Management
  • Accomplished Creativity
  • Effective Communicator

Work History

Animator II – Animation Lead
Tools Support Specialist/Maya Generalist
Pipeworks Software – 1/2011-2/2012
Animation Rigs Los Angeles, CA  Current
Alumni Tutor
Animation Mentor, Emeryville, CA  Current


References are available upon request.