Letters of Recommendation

Mike Belzer - Animator Valve Software/Mentor - Animation Mentor

To whom it may concern,

I had the pleasure of teaching Derek Osborne in the “Body mechanics” class back in 2008 at Animation Mentor.  Even though I have taught many students since then, Derek left a very positive impression with me that makes him stand out above the rest.  His work was consistently improving and he took feedback and direction very well.  His positive attitude is infectious and he motivated the students around him. 
What also impressed me is how he always went beyond what was needed or asked.  All too often I have had students who do the minimum and get by.  I don’t believe Derek has ever just done the minimum in anything he has ever done.  He took it on himself to help others and created videos that passed on information that he learned which in turn motivated others.  The work load at Animation Mentor is very intense and is a huge time commitment.  Yet, in addition to always making his assignments on time, he worked a fulltime job, made time for his family and still was willing to put forth such effort for these time consuming videos.  Animation can be taught and learned but the work ethic and attitude that Derek has is something that far too few have.  His tenacious behavior will take him far and I’m confident wherever he lands he will be a huge asset to the team.


Mike Belzer 

August 2008

Hiring Manager:

I am pleased to write a letter of recommendation for Derek Osborne. My professional relationship with Derek stems from his employment at Zones, Inc. where I was his Sales and Tech trainer as well as floor manager for his first 3 months.

During the first few weeks of training I was very pleased at the openness and willingness Derek brought each day to training. His past experience in sales and his technical background were evident however he embraced new things without judgment as well as helping others in the class. He received the highest marks of his entire class and carried the training to the floor where he successfully implemented it. Derek also helped me with IT issues in the training room and beyond.

Our business is about building relationships and he has done that with customers and co-workers day in and day out. During call observations I have had the opportunity to hear his skill and professionalism with not only customers, but also vendors and others. Derek has a great ability to listen to what is being said however also hear what is being left unsaid. I feel that skill sets him apart from others and makes him more consultative than just someone that sells.

Whatever position Derek fills for you will be of benefit for you both. He will bring knowledge, passion and humor to your company.

Carly Monkman
AE Development Trainer
Zones, Inc.
253 720-0814 Cell

Dave Murray - CEO Convergence Networks

August 2003 

To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is to introduce Mr. Derek Osborne.  Derek is both a professional business associate and a friend.

During our association he has repeatedly demonstrated superior leadership skills.  Those skills have been demonstrated at two levels.  First, those leadership abilities have been reflected on an individual basis where he has had to work with little supervision.  Secondly, his team members look to him as a leader for advice, direction, and counsel on a broad range of business issues.

Derek combines the qualities of leadership and teamwork with an extremely high level of customer service.  In fact, Derek sets the bar for others to reach when it comes to satisfying customers and meeting their needs.  It is a pleasure to serve in any capacity with him.


Dave Murray

David L. Murray, MBA