Thursday, July 10, 2008

It's the reference that counts... for the first assignment for Class 2 we had to make a choice.

1. Animate a ball kick
2. Animate a side step
3. Animate a 180 turn

This is also the first time we're required to film video reference of ourselves doing said action and post it up. So I looked over the list, and decided that ball kick was what I wanted to do. Now, being a big Peanuts fan, when I think of 'ball kick' I actually think of Lucy holding the football and yanking it up and out of the way just as Chuck sweeps the leg for the kick, spiraling out of control and landing on his ass. Shit's always cracked me up, like everytime, without a doubt. So with that in ball kick is well gonna be a not ball kick or a missed ball kick or a miffed ball kick.

So I grab my trusty little handheld video camera (I've got this little palm sized Polaroid Simplicity that's damn near perfect for this type of thing....and it only cost me $50 which makes it WAAAY perfect for this kinda thing), and I roll out to the back yard with my newly proclaimed Arch Nemesis Nik E. Ball.

Things start out well enough...I put Nik on the ground, set up the camera on the tripod, decided on the three things I thought were going to be most pertinent for my shot and rolled film! Here's what I came up with.

Oh the things we do and suffer for our love!

Until next time...lead an animated life!


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