Tuesday, June 24, 2008

A week off

So, first quarters over...well technically it's a sixth I guess, but that sounds funny, and I have this week off. So what's one to do? Go back to life as usual? Well not really...I've been spending my time watching more video tutorials and surfing blogs, I totally dig Mark Behm's and the few that he posts on, as well as doing a bit of sketching and some figure painting. I'm still tired as hell though, even though I've been going to bed at a decent time, this getting up at 4:40 a.m. thing just sux.

I've been contemplating doing a full body walk with STU, the character we use for posing as Class 1 students...he is perfectly capable after all, but I'm torn between doing that and watching video tuts getting more acquainted with Maya as well as the aformentioned sketching and painting.

I did start ridding my bike again, the weather has finally settled into something decent and its looking to be 100ish degrees this weekend...which will totally suk but oh well, means I won't actually go out to do yard work, even though my lawn looks atrocious and really needs a cut. Might do that tomorrow or Thursday if it's not too terribly hawt out.

Boy what a ramble, so what are you my classmates who might read this doing on your week off?

Til next time, lead an animated life!


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Dave Humphreys said...


The break is killing me too! thankfully i dont have a yard to do said work in tho :)

I dlded that qnext thingie. will email you tonight, fancy a test for it on friday? not a school night then so it should be cool.