Thursday, June 12, 2008

Night of the Living Ballie's time for my final assignment which is the character walk cycle, or walk cycle with character or a character walk or...well you get the idea. So I've opted to do a little zombification of our given model for this assignment. I was thinking about doing a little drunken boxing action with the little guy, but the wife suggested Zombie walk and it just stuck. I'm a sucker for a good zombie flik. So here's my initial blocking:

My mentor dug it, gave me some timing suggestions, gave me some great compliments, told me I hit some good poses and made some suggestions to start with. Now since this assignment is a two week assignment, part one is side view only in stepped mode, so it obviously looks stepped. :P

Here's the current reblock:

Now, to finish this assignment I have to take it into splines (which I have not done yet, most likely get that going tomorrow) and shift it to 3/4 view, which is a first for us in Class 1...up til now EVERYTHING has been side view. So as I move forward and get into splining and set the 3/4 view, I'll post up a revision.

Until then, feel free to shoot me some comments or thoughts on what you see here.


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