Wednesday, June 11, 2008

My poor Mentor

So as we come crashing into the final two weeks of Session 1 of my blazing whirlwind of Animation education know as Animation Mentor, we get a glimpse of what it does to the poor men and woman behind the scenes...out Mentors. They give of themselves selflessly to help us power our way into the industry we all know and love and ask for nothing in return (but based on my tuition costs, I'm sure they get paid!) :P Going through animation after animation after animation...hell there's 13 students in my class, and preping for the weekly Q and A as well as being there to answer questions offline and during the week on top of having a full time job as an animator doing studio work...this is what they end up looking like at the end of the week.

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As you can see, Martin, my mentor looks like a damn zombie, but I'm sure that's in part to the little sketch he left me of his 'reason' for being's the one done in black. If you can't figure it out, my man Martin is a fairly new papa and is just starting to understand the pains we all go through with newborns. My best advice Martman...drink at least one more Guiness before bed!

Til next time, lead an animated life!


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