Sunday, April 6, 2008

Class 1 Session 1


My first week as a student at AM is over, and the new assignements are up, time to start doing some sketching. Looks like I'll be draggin the ole tablet PC to work with me tomorrow to throw down some quick lines of people in the lobby or on the lunch floor, working in a 9 story building means I should have plenty of unsuspecting subjects.

So what did I get outta week 1? About eleventybillion hours of video watching done. I watched tutorials, introductions, tests, reels, this that and the other thing...and I'm gonna sit down and watch Tarzan here in about 5 minutes. Outside of that, I've met some new people, have added a few to my buddies list and am looking forward to meeting some more and checking out some work. I also made the realization that there is a whole lot more to this animation thing than I first really considered. Sure I've done some work in the past, but this...this is serious stuff. Well as serious as a buncha clowns making cartoons and movies can get. :P No really though, the science behind animation is incredible, as well as the art. My eyes have been opened a bit more this week to what true animation really is, and I'm sure I've just scratched the surface.

I will say I've finally decided on Maya Unlimited and am now waiting for it to show up...until then, it's the PLE for me!!!!

I'll be posting my work soon enough, but until then...sit down and watch some cartoons!



marcelino newquist said...

What's up Derek, AM is going to be a blast!!!I feel like I was just born again!! Fresh start, fresh idea, and...lack of sleep!!! Talk to you later buddy.

Long-Hai said...

Whaddup OZ!

Cool to see you have a blog also!
I have to add you on my roll now.