Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Life's little changes.....

Sure can be OVERWHELMING!!!

So I enrolled in and started the long journey to certification as an Animator through the program at, and to be honest, I feel excited and elated and a bit scared and intimidated all at once. Lemme ask you, have you ever felt like you've been hit by a meteorite the size of Kansas? That's kinda what I've been feeling like since Monday when they opened the floodgates.

The website itself is's like an endless encyclopedia of people and knowledge, one hardly knows where to start. So I just started on the page titled 'Home' and moved down the list. It took me all day, and I've only scratched the surface of the community...oh wait, the community! Before I had even logged in, my workspace page had been inundated with welcomes and offers of help from current students. Peoples I've never met yet are throwing themselves at me in droves wanting to make sure that I have fun and an understanding that if I ever need something, all I have to do is ask. Holy crap! Where the hell does that happen on the net??? No seriously?

So far I'm soooo damn impressed with the whole thing, I can't really seem to concentrate at work, AM is constantly on my mind. I'm totally geeked! But I do feel tremendously overwhelmed. Do I have a ton of homework? Not yet, I've got my assignments done for the week...a video intro to my Mentor - Martin Hopkins - IMDB LINK, and an upload of my avatar, basically a photo of myself. Not too tough. I should also do a video journal intro, but it's not mandatory. I'm sure I'll get to it by the weekend.

So why do I feel like I've been slammed in the melon with a 9000 ton rock? Easy, I'm so effin excited, I'm lost. I wanna watch every video, read every profile of my fellows, create a blog (obviously I started that, but we'll see how well I can figure it out), set up a schedule for doing my work, ALL HAIL ONENOTE!, figure out if I should upgrade to 64bit XP, do some research on handheld video cams, sketch daily, talk to my classmates as often as possible...and install some software, but I haven't bought Maya yet cause I can't decide if I want Complete or Ultimate. I'm such a chump.

Follow along if you like, hell add some comments and join in. I'm looking to keep this thing for quite a long time, and I'm happy to have you.


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