Sunday, December 11, 2011

Spike's VGA's

Well not necessarily the VGA's but what was shown last night...WOOOOO man I'm totally jazzed for some coming games as well as the work shown!  Here's a few videos that show why I get so excited about being an animator in the game industry!

First up, one of my most anticipated upcoming titles - Darksiders II - one of the best tag lines I've seen to tie in a pair of games - "What starts with War...ends with Death"  SO AWESOME!!!

Now I will say I'm a bit disappointed in this video as it has zero in game anything and is just an actor in a sweet azz Death's still pretty killer.

Next up my most anticipated game EVA!!!!  Diablo 3!  As I lost like 4 years of my life to D2 I expect D3 to make my wife hate Blizzard!  On top of the game itself this video has an amazing hand drawn style to it that I just love.

Amazing and OZSOME!!!  I love it.

Last up the surprise announcement from Epic that just floored me!

A completely new art direction for the makers of Unreal and Gear of War 3, a game with an obvious zombie spin...I'm intrigued!

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