Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Kenny Roy's Homepage: Workflow Lecture Live!

Kenny Roy has published a set of lectures, his newest on Advanced Workflow - CHECK THEM OUT!

Kenny Roy's Homepage: Workflow Lecture Live!: Thanks everyone for all the support so far. I have added the fourth lecture "Advanced Workflow" to the list. In the year that elapsed since I first gave this lecture, I've really seen a lot of great workflow practice in my students. Those who take their process seriously always learn and improve the fastest, no doubt. In this lecture I present some unique approaches to conceiving and beginning your work. The one thing I am really looking forward to is recording Workflow 2 - I just can't fit it all into one lecture anymore!

Thanks so much for the support, again. Your purchases are going towards a brand new site in which I'll be able to offer really helpful features and support for these videos.

Have a great one guys.



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