Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Back once again

So I've proven time and again that I fail completely at keeping up a blog, so why am I typing here now???

Well, like all Champions, one must continue to try and try again right? Sure thing, so here goes!

Alright, so some exciting things going on. In July I was elected as the 'Vice Chair' for the local ACM SIGGRAPH chapter - - what's that mean? Well it means that I'm in charge of putting together all the events that we'll be hosting for the coming year. Any ideas??? I was just hired on as a Maya Generalist/Animator for Animation Rigs - - I managed to somehow get wrangled out of a volunteer offer into a paid contract position. It was something I wanted to do and was offering to do it in my spare time, but ended up being told I was going to have more responsibility and I was going to get paid. Thanks Kevin! You rock man. I'm proud to be a part of his work.

I've also managed to secure a spot as an Alumni Tutor at Animation Mentor - - for the second term in a row. This is great fun and allows me to give back tot he school that really opened my eyes and skill set to the wonderful and amazing world of animation, one in which I've held great passion and lover for all my life.

The wife and I continue to grow her little business - - everyday as it allows us to spend time together and work on improving the lives of our children together, the bumps in the road and the hard knocks are well worth it. Who knew that saying yes to vitamins would change our lives and the lives of other so drastically in such a short period of time. Continued amazement in our successes through AdvoCare!

Soccer starts up today for my oldest girl Taylore...and I'm the assistant coach, I'd hate to have me as a coach...cause it's really hot here this time of year, and we're going to run ALOT the first couple of weeks. :P

So as you (well I is more like it since this thing is really only read by me) can see...I have a lot on my plate and quite a bit to do...not to mention that I have not done a video journal in some time...SLACKER! I need to get ready for practice and lay out my calendar for next week!

Til next time,

Lead an animated life!!!


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