Saturday, July 5, 2008

Get on the Bus...

...just don't throw me under it. :P

So, this is the end of week 1 Session 2 at Animation Mentor, and it's a great pleasure to be in Mike Belzers class this go 'round. But after our first Q and A last Tuesday, lets just say I'm in a bit of a panic.

Ya see, I'm not a guy who stresses out about well anything. I've got a pretty even kiel when it comes to life. So after the first week of Class 2, I'm sitting squarely on the 'do I stress out now?...or later?' fence. Seriously though, what's to get all worked up about? It's just homework right? Well yea, kinda. By the end of Class 2 (which is just a short 11 weeks away) I must be able to show visually that I understand the basics of body mechanics as it applies to animation. Sound simple right? OH HELL NO! I have to not only be aware of the 12 basic principles of animation, which we learned last term, but I also have to present that in the assignments we have to do. That's the hard part...bringing those to life in the characters we are given. Again, the premise sounds pretty easy, but when it all comes down to it, the stress comes from having to wrap these assignments in with my regular day to day life. These assignments are time consuming and semi-diffucult in I'll take a deep breath, again, and move forward one small step at a time. But on the bright side, I'm under the expert tutalige of Mike Belzer! And I'm sure as sure can get that I'm going to learn a bucketload from this guy...and if for some strange reason you do not know who he is, here's a great link to an interview.

No matter how this Class finishes out though, I'm happy to be on the bus....even if for some reason or another, by the end I may end up under it. :P
Til next time, lead an animated life!


Long-Hai said...

Amen OZ Amen.

I was just thinking about all the stuff we have to tie together. 12 principles, weight, conveying the idea.

And to think we have to add acting to all this soon!


Well thats why we have our mentors and our AM classmates huh? =)

Dave Humphreys said...

Hey Ozmeister!

well beleive it or not, this being scared is a good thing. Like good ol Rock Balboa says,

"i tink you try harder wen ur Scared"

No im not saying you are scared bro, but you are on your toes and aware of the situation. all you gotta do is work through it!

Ohh btw, thanks for the comment on my blog! much appreciated.

Mariya K said...

Me too!! happy to be on the bus that is.. I think I was so freaked out about class 2 that Mike can't possibly freak me out any more... actually I'm really excited about how much we're going to be able to learn from a harsher teacher.. if he sticks to his word and actually IS harsh :P
He seems freaking awesome!!
AND I'm ecstatic to have your energy in my class again :P