Sunday, June 29, 2008

The Lord of Terror

It has come to pass over the weekend that Blizzard has announced the 3rd iteration of easily the biggest time sink in Oz history.

Sure there are games out there that I love and adore, but without a doubt this is the one franchise that can pull me away from all others, the one giant smores treat to make me leave the desert table, the hawt silver Porche to draw me away from the car show, you know that one thing that shuts down the existance of anything else in your life. I'm excited beyond belief, and for god's sake thankful that this thing won't show up til well after I'm up and graduated from Animation Mentor...cause that would suck.

For those that don't know, feature animation is my goal so companies like Blue Sky, Dreamworks, Laika, and the almight Pixar are a few examples of the direction I see myself heading, but Blizzard is one of 3 or 4 game studios that I would gladly pickup and relocate for. They are in my opinion the epitome of gaming quality, they hold their games to a standard that few others can seem to match. I have to say...exciting times are ahead for me!



Mariya K said...

yes yes yes yes yes yes yes!!!!!
SERIOUSLY COOL!!! this is like the one reason I have a bloody hell of a lot of Matt Eulman in my lastFM music count.. I don't know why I love the diablo series, but I just CANNOT stop playing it.

Dave Humphreys said...

This is the bit where i call you a Dork! hehe!

Tho it does look very cool

Derek Osborne said...


I'll take the title of Dork if that means I getta play D3 for days on end!!!

Dave if you haven't played them, you need to, outstanding story, incredible setting and killer gameplay.

I used to work graveyard when the first game came out, and on the nights off, I'd be playing and scaring the beejeezus outta myself cause of the atmosfear that the game and music created....caaarraaazy.

Diablo Battle Chest my man...dl it, you'll love it!