Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Humphulumps

Every once in a while you meet someone who just makes you smile. Today I'm gonna yak about one of the kulest guys I've never met. But I know him and I consider him a friend and I can't wait to actually meet him next year when he flys cross the world for our graduation.

My friend David Humphreys is an Englishman, yes he's from England, but don't hold that against him. Outside of the goofy hair and weird accent he's a great guy. He's got a great sense of humor (and I'm sure I'll be testing that once he see's this), a sly wit, a good eye for posing and is always willing to step up and jump in to help me when I'm in need of some feedback. He is however a soccer fan...and we all know soccer fans are an unruly buncha gits who can't seem to do anything but drink and fight. But I'll forgive him for that, because well he just doesn't know any better. When he gets here next year, we should be fully entrenched in the 'Real Football' and I'll drag his Euro ass to an NFL game!

So I'd like to introduce you all to my pal Dave...otherwise known as Humphulums or Humphs.

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Dave Humphreys said...

Waddup Ol'square head!

I must say oz, i am flattered. But i feel i must correct you, it isnt soccer it's football. we were kicking pigs bladders around years before you folks stated throwing them at each other so i feel we get to name the sport.

Not that i dislike your football, i am a very keen annual superbowl watcher. Although, this is really just another excuse for excessive drinking.

Peace buddy! see you in school :D

Mariya K said...

Stop crushing on dave Oz and get your work up on your PR >:

I'm supposed to be the social butterfly.

Simon Streatfeild said...

Yo must do AM.
Jealousy brims in those who are not doing AM.

My grandfather was named Oz. He was really cool. Do you own a wizard?

(I'm mariya's friend!! MWHAHAHAH!)